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4th order mixed partial differential equations Smitha Raghu... 10/02/08 11:05am
by: Smitha Raghu...
Displaying Generated Data in a Table Amanda Hazel 10/03/08 9:21pm
by: Amanda Hazel
How to return Groebner bases with relations Si Li 10/03/08 11:46pm
by: Si Li
error after using FindRoot Mirela Darau 10/04/08 11:50am
by: Xavier
Solving Daniel 10/05/08 3:40pm
by: Peter Pein
Calling Mathematica Spheroidal wave functions i... streamingline 10/07/08 00:15am
by: streamingline
Contracting vertices in a directed Graph Yishai 10/07/08 01:56am
by: yehuda ben-s...
cross correlation Pete 10/07/08 01:58am
by: yehuda ben-s...
Exporting Functions? Braden 10/07/08 2:50pm
by: Bill
Step-by-step solutions? Calc2Student 10/06/08 6:33pm
by: Calc2Student
EvaluationMonitor damiano 10/07/08 8:35pm
by: damiano
Problem with DSolve Dana 10/08/08 07:36am
by: Dana
VectorFieldPlot not displaying Axes Max 10/08/08 08:56am
by: yehuda ben-s...
3d plot, confidence interval, and model fitting David 10/08/08 10:58am
by: David
Second Order PDE mjhbh_yo 10/08/08 10:50pm
by: mjhbh_yo
Making a List of Mouse Coordinates? Bill 10/09/08 1:26pm
by: Bill
Generating a function from numerical data FM 10/09/08 3:02pm
by: Peter Pein
HypergeometricPFQ leesju 10/09/08 3:14pm
by: Peter Pein
Slider Submenu Default Fred 10/09/08 8:20pm
by: Fred
publishing Daniel 10/09/08 9:34pm
by: Daniel
confused joanna 10/10/08 06:51am
by: Peter Pein
Kernel overflow paolo 10/10/08 7:07pm
by: Peter Pein
Missing Graphs, Contour Maps, etc. Jeremy Lau 10/10/08 7:16pm
by: Peter Pein
improving speed of epidemic simulation, BA model Alen 10/11/08 11:08am
by: Alen
Problem with the command NMinimize Rodrigo 10/12/08 07:40am
by: yehuda ben-s...
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