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Exporting Data from Java to Mathematica GNe 11/01/08 1:01pm
by: GNe
PDE with non-symbolic boundary condition Matt T 11/02/08 3:05pm
by: Matt T
FindMinimum christian 11/03/08 4:23pm
by: christian
Help!! catarinaR 11/03/08 7:03pm
by: Xavier
Plot Label Nikolaus 11/03/08 8:41pm
by: yehud aben-s...
Changing cursor color for seach function James 11/03/08 8:47pm
by: James
Normal Equations Diego 11/04/08 01:28am
by: Diego
Differential equation matrixes Kwright 11/04/08 4:25pm
by: Kwright
function definition sunt 11/04/08 6:34pm
by: Forum Modera...
Parabolic 2nd order PDE mjhbh_yo 11/05/08 01:13am
by: mjhbh_yo
Plug-in development Denis 11/05/08 03:52am
by: Denis
An integral that Mathematica can't do? angus 11/05/08 04:03am
by: angus
Solving trig. equation with Nsolve Asuquo 11/07/08 5:12pm
by: Asuquo
Plz help akshay 11/09/08 2:13pm
by: Forum Modera...
Gauss-Seidell Iteration Jeff 11/09/08 5:33pm
by: Tom
ArrayPlot with arbitrary scale on frame? Andrew 11/11/08 00:06am
by: Andrew
Newbie questions: formatting & option insp. crash Robert 11/11/08 11:46am
by: Robert
Beginner to mathematca's question Cenk Cil 11/11/08 9:44pm
by: Kaveh
problem with NMinimize Ali 11/12/08 6:03pm
by: Ali
Interpolation[] Brian 11/12/08 6:07pm
by: ali
Missing Graph for function sin (x*y) Jeremy Lau 11/13/08 08:12am
by: John Thornby
complex number jeff 11/13/08 5:09pm
by: jeff
CountryData for Haiti brandon champney 11/13/08 9:15pm
by: Kaveh
Legend in ListPlot Tracy 12/16/08 2:04pm
by: Raja Kountanya
Typesetting (Mathematica vs. MS Equation Editor) Calc2Student 11/14/08 9:08pm
by: Kyle
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