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solving coupled partial differential equations Suyoun Lee 12/03/08 07:15am
by: Suyoun Lee
Graphics metadata with Opacity into Illustrator Tim 12/04/08 09:25am
by: Tim
Recursive algorithm Simon 12/04/08 8:59pm
by: Xavier
curve fitting Ray 12/05/08 11:00am
by: Ray
NDsolve Stefano Mich... 12/06/08 04:00am
by: Stefano Mich...
Nminimize and nested If[] Ciro Guariglia 12/06/08 08:41am
by: Ciro
Select fields in ragged-right record set Jonathan Wooldridge 12/06/08 10:31am
by: Xavier
turn some positive number to list roei 12/06/08 11:07am
by: Kaveh
Plot3D and joined points ekla 12/06/08 11:20am
by: Kaveh
a strange error of Graphic output walter 12/06/08 11:26am
by: Kaveh
Manipulate_Background color for Slider Bill 12/06/08 11:38am
by: Bill
evaluating list of functions abielanski 12/06/08 11:52am
by: yehuda ben-s...
3D Interpolation on unstructured grid, ListPlot3D max 12/06/08 1:36pm
by: Xavier
Addition Modulo 2 KiT5000 12/06/08 4:47pm
by: yehuda ben-s...
Parameter transforms between equivalent functions Robert Bares 12/07/08 08:16am
by: Robert Bares
Getting numerical output only from Find Root Hifas Faiz 12/07/08 7:18pm
by: Xavier
some questoin roei034 12/07/08 8:24pm
by: Xavier
TURN MATRIX TO DETRMITA ROEI034 12/09/08 06:33am
by: ROEI034
Manipulate - problems evaulating variables Greg Colbourn 12/09/08 12:41pm
by: Greg Colbourn
Confusing error messages Ben D. 12/10/08 3:32pm
by: Ben D.
Plots no generated. Keith 12/10/08 6:17pm
by: Keith
HoldFirst attribute not working for ND John with a h 12/10/08 8:22pm
by: john with an h
NDSolve for Poisson-Boltzmann-Equation Stefan 12/11/08 8:42pm
by: Xavier
NDSolve Help TomS65 12/12/08 00:57am
by: TomS65
Convert Numbers to Letters Bill 12/12/08 03:33am
by: Bill
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