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NIntegrating HypergeometricU[a,b,z] Subodha 01/15/08 12:50pm
by: Subodha
Mathematica kernel crashes during function plot Phil 01/16/08 3:50pm
by: Phil
How to solve equation involving bessel functions diamond 01/18/08 11:51am
by: diamond
Time Series Analysis victor 01/18/08 11:04pm
by: victor
Display errors with nvidia driver under linux Maiko 01/20/08 12:24pm
by: Maiko
The first argument for TuringMachine[] Vimal 01/22/08 8:19pm
by: Vimal
vector differentiation and looping snowrain 01/22/08 9:47pm
by: snowrain
vector differentiation by looping in Mathematica snowrain 01/23/08 10:46am
by: snowrain
Discrete Fourier Expansion Rick T 01/24/08 03:47am
by: Rick T
w/percentile calc num STDs from 0... Romie 01/26/08 10:45am
by: Romie
log-logistic Romie 01/26/08 11:50am
by: Romie
reading stuff from network drives in Linux/Mac OS Greg Colbourn 01/28/08 08:28am
by: Greg Colbourn
FourierTransform M.Belevich 01/30/08 05:57am
by: M.Belevich
Fourier Series Expansions and itís Coefficients sal2 01/30/08 10:50am
by: sal2
Volumes of Revolution Ryan Cota 01/31/08 2:29pm
by: Ryan Cota
Run in both Kernel (Core Duo) Jinjo 01/31/08 2:44pm
by: Jinjo
Algorithm for lottery Paulo Henrique 01/04/08 3:57pm
by: Paulo Henrique
orthogonalize Erore 01/05/08 7:33pm
by: Erore
How to calculate inverse functions? Alexander Po... 01/07/08 08:25am
by: Alexander Po...
Out of memry with a huge matrix Hitoshi 01/07/08 8:32pm
by: Hitoshi
Mathematica5.1 and Mac OS X v10.5.1 victor 01/07/08 10:53pm
by: victor
export graphics3D as eps/pdf doesnt work properly michael 01/08/08 06:46am
by: michael
stick plot Joseph 01/08/08 9:21pm
by: Joseph
Plot[] have bug? Kin 01/10/08 00:30am
by: Kin
Vector field Problems John Public 01/10/08 8:48pm
by: John Public
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