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vector dot product over finite fields GF 08/23/08 12:13pm
by: GF
Plane curve self-intersection detection Ed 08/22/08 1:13pm
by: Ed
Gradient A. T. 08/22/08 11:07am
by: William Throwe
Inconsistent variable substitution William Throwe 08/22/08 11:01am
by: William Throwe
Position function for a 3D array Brian 08/21/08 7:36pm
by: Brian
manipulate 3d nonfunctional matrix David 08/21/08 11:56am
by: David
LaTex to Mathematica snowrain 08/21/08 07:44am
by: Xavier
how do you deal with very large data files? ES 08/22/08 5:15pm
by: ES
Using Graphics3D on 3D array imported .MAT for ... Brian 08/19/08 5:07pm
by: Brian
plain face per default pasQualle 08/19/08 11:23am
by: pasQualle
Same data, different 3d-plot David 08/18/08 7:59pm
by: David
Question about integrating series Jeff 08/18/08 08:39am
by: Xavier
Integral in 3D Plot Yossi 08/17/08 05:18am
by: Yossi
Integral in 3D Plot Yossi 08/17/08 05:16am
by: Yossi
Integrate cezar334547 08/16/08 08:09am
by: cezar334547
Easy Question Dan 08/15/08 12:50pm
by: Xavier
Change objective function of NonlinearRegress ngocanh 08/14/08 8:39pm
by: ngocanh
Get coefficients from blocklist ngocanh 08/14/08 6:44pm
by: ngocanh
ListDensityPlot Question Denise 08/14/08 11:37am
by: Denise
Find value of parameter using SolveAlways Conor Breen 08/14/08 09:57am
by: Conor Breen
derive lagrangian stefano 08/13/08 10:10am
by: stefano
sums and sets Trenton 08/12/08 12:27pm
by: Trenton
3d graph with variables David 08/11/08 5:44pm
by: David
I can JohnRambo 08/11/08 4:32pm
by: yehuda ben-s...
Adjoint of Frechet Derivative Anthony Ashton 08/10/08 08:35am
by: Anthony Ashton
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