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Elimination of a variable from two ODEs Subho Samanta 12/22/11 12:58pm
by: Subho Samanta
NDSolve::ndsz Gausstein 12/22/11 11:24am
by: Gausstein
Wavelets jose antonio 12/22/11 05:35am
by: jose antonio
Solving a pair of equations FD 12/21/11 4:02pm
by: Peter Pein
borders of one image fax3456 12/21/11 00:10am
by: Bill
automatically click the Mouse Xiang Li 12/20/11 8:28pm
by: Xiang Li
Solve a certain differential equation George 12/20/11 06:19am
by: George
Circulary shaped arrows ricardo 12/19/11 11:56pm
by: Bill
Alias for function Sinval Santos 12/19/11 12:01pm
by: Sinval Santos
Trigger control ricardo 12/19/11 06:59am
by: ricardo
Mathematica programming Jung Min 12/18/11 08:51am
by: Jung Min
Setting the solution of a equation to a variable 1=2 12/17/11 6:24pm
by: jf
Leibniz's notation Leibniz's notation 12/17/11 6:00pm
by: jf
Uploading files demo 12/17/11 5:45pm
by: jf
multiple curve fitting irina 12/17/11 5:18pm
by: jf
Plot Bug with Mathematica 8 Ivan 12/17/11 4:34pm
by: Bill
Please help this noob out. Making a simple program 12/17/11 2:33pm
by: Quinn McKinsey
Using a table of values to restrict a contour p... Michael 12/17/11 2:23pm
by: Michael
Spherical Wave solution using NDSolve.. Vish 12/17/11 09:49am
by: Quinn McKinsey
Conjugate Erik 12/15/11 04:18am
by: Erik
Box-car Function Lakshitha 12/14/11 1:00pm
by: Lakshitha
Fixed point in plot victoria 12/14/11 02:17am
by: victoria
Fitting model w integer parameter davidn 12/13/11 2:57pm
by: davidn
Deleting elements from list in loop Marcin G. 12/13/11 04:09am
by: Nasser M. Ab...
discrete fourier transform of a non-linear ODE Angharad 12/12/11 6:01pm
by: Nasser M. Ab...
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