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function to return an equation from 2 points on... Paul Handley 04/09/12 4:13pm
by: Bill Simpson
Mathematica help Table, Matrix operations Amatya 04/09/12 4:22pm
by: Bill Simpson
symbolic plotting Max 04/09/12 5:31pm
by: Bill Simpson
Expression Evaluation Narendra Singh 04/10/12 11:22am
by: Bill Simpson
Coloring a cuboid Aditya 04/10/12 11:58am
by: Bill
Importing Excel data Mohit 04/10/12 3:25pm
by: Mohit
A problem about DSolve and NDSolve blenx 04/11/12 03:39am
by: blenx
Mathematica says overdetermined, but it's not frustrated 04/11/12 4:30pm
by: frustrated
NDSolve and Recursion Limit Tijesunimi Odebode 04/12/12 07:54am
by: Peter Pein
Passing Lists to C (Mathlink) Batox 04/13/12 07:05am
by: Batox
Help to build array efirvida 04/13/12 11:53am
by: efirvida
Mathematica and Mathtensor Derek Cowey 04/14/12 3:04pm
by: Forum Modera...
Solve returns empty set Josh 04/16/12 10:51am
by: Forum Modera...
NDSolve error David 04/16/12 3:12pm
by: David
Simple Issue in Parallel (Mathematica 7) Alex 04/17/12 04:27am
by: Peter Pein
Saving functions phsopher 04/17/12 04:53am
by: Peter Pein
implicit functions Lennart 04/17/12 08:39am
by: Peter Pein
display lowest position and same position in ne... joe 04/17/12 1:21pm
by: joe
Create a list with FindFit Thibault 04/17/12 2:14pm
by: Thibault
Clear["Global`*"] not working Peter 04/17/12 5:51pm
by: Peter Russo
Boundary conditions Shawn McCauley 04/17/12 9:42pm
by: Shawn
Importing/Exporting three-dimensional arrays Kelly Aman 04/17/12 10:42pm
by: Kelly Aman
Sqrt[x^3] Brett 04/18/12 3:54pm
by: jf
How to get data from a graph kieuthu 04/19/12 02:40am
by: kieuthu
How to approximate an Integral William Duhe 04/19/12 11:24am
by: Patrick
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