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Assumptions for FindRoot[] andrew 03/13/13 2:58pm
by: Bill Simpson
Inverse Fourier Transform of Hankel function ? Lucas 03/13/13 6:07pm
by: Lucas
Pie chart of uniform width concentric circles? MOS was 71331 03/13/13 11:24pm
by: MOS was 71331
Finding coefficients of "polynomials" Jon Beardsley 03/14/13 1:03pm
by: Bill Simpson
advance manipulate option dileep 03/15/13 04:22am
by: dileep
Why can't Mathematica solve this, but WolframAl... Tobias 03/15/13 07:17am
by: Tobias
ListPlot x vs y Einj 03/15/13 07:52am
by: Einj
Unable to run Mathematica 8, after using 9 Trial Sebastian Osiński 03/15/13 09:32am
by: Forum Modera...
Probability distribution Tigu 03/15/13 09:39am
by: Forum Modera...
Query about the Integers constraints in FindMax... David 03/15/13 09:51am
by: David
Plot intrinsic functions DrWhoGo 03/15/13 11:18am
by: jf
biggest difference augustus 03/18/13 2:58pm
by: jf
Edit stylesheet Tom 03/18/13 4:55pm
by: J
Critical Points of Second Derivative DC 03/18/13 6:03pm
by: Bill Simpson
Numerical Intgral Dima 03/19/13 10:15am
by: Dima
Plain Text Sinval 03/19/13 1:12pm
by: Sinval
SmoothHistogram[] log/log scaling? Stefano 03/20/13 04:46am
by: Stefano
Subsets Andre Moreira 03/21/13 12:36pm
by: jf
Overdetermined NDSolve Burcu Ugur 03/21/13 5:27pm
by: Burcu Ugur
Complex, numerical integral would not integrate Minamoto 03/22/13 12:59pm
by: Minamoto
Parametric solution of a linear equations system Mahmut 03/22/13 2:48pm
by: Bill Simpson
Font size of fractions in M9 Tom 03/22/13 4:11pm
by: Forum Modera...
Integrating Euclidean distance function Melati 03/23/13 1:25pm
by: Bill Simpson
3d plot - mark specific area with another color Alex 03/24/13 00:22am
by: toen
ListPointPlot3D Alex 03/24/13 00:43am
by: toen
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