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mclaurin 3 grad kaveh 07/15/12 03:07am
by: kaveh
Why does this function return an error? John 07/22/12 05:16am
by: Peter Pein
Reducing a system of linear inequalities jmd 07/22/12 7:28pm
by: jf
adding text outside the frame Jinkang 08/05/12 05:29am
by: jinkang
can you see the pattern in the sequence jim 07/18/12 7:57pm
by: jim
Dynamic updating of variables in Manipulate Jbb 07/18/12 5:39pm
by: JBB
Symbolic Calculation of Lagrange Equations Javier 07/14/12 02:34am
by: Javier
Space State Model Javier 07/17/12 11:31am
by: Michael
How can I simplify the expression? Jason Lee 07/24/12 9:00pm
by: Jason Lee
print two variables in colums in a table James 07/20/12 12:52pm
by: jf
weird nonlinearmodelfit output jake 07/09/12 07:56am
by: jake
How to adjust initial condition to fit the BC. Jaehoon 07/31/12 10:25pm
by: Jaehoon
How to avoid 'Solve::ratnz' warning? iss 07/20/12 4:19pm
by: Michael
under and overflow occuring with FindMaximum igor 07/07/12 3:56pm
by: igor
Overlay Parametric and Contour plot using Show Greg 07/07/12 10:42pm
by: Greg
Heat equation at sphere's surface George 07/28/12 7:13pm
by: George
Best fit Spherical harmonics George 08/03/12 2:50pm
by: Michael
Using Output Gene 07/16/12 12:54pm
by: Forum Modera...
Smart way to deal with NDSolve variable paramet... fpghost 07/30/12 10:45am
by: fpghost
Efficient way to store InterpolatingFunction fpghost 07/30/12 12:09pm
by: Bill Simpson
Solving a differential equation foobar 07/05/12 06:41am
by: foobar
Strange problem with NIntegrate::maxp fluk 07/26/12 9:26pm
by: Michael
Import[url, "Hyperlinks"] fkenter 07/18/12 04:30am
by: fkenter
ilim error with integration federico 07/17/12 12:49pm
by: Bill Simpson
Using Wolfram Alpha query in Mathematica Erik 07/18/12 3:07pm
by: Forum Modera...
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