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Original Message (ID '124228') By daniele perandini:
In Response To 'Re: ParallelDo' --------- Yehuda Hello, thank you for your answer. What I posted was just a simple example that I found on the internet and thought it was useful to explain the problem that I face. But reading your response I think it is better to post directly to one of the many cycles "Do" that make up my calculation code: Do [{qn10 [j], qn20 [j], HN 10 [j], hn20 [j]} = {QN 1 [j], QN2 [j], HN1 [j],HN2 [j]},{j, 0, Nn}] with Nn = 200 and functions qn10 [j], qn20 [j] etc. which are the representation by means of the finite difference method of the physical process that I am analyzing. Do you think it makes sense to try to put my code in parallel computing, or is it just a waste of time?