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Original Message (ID '137502') By jf:
The easy way it to make it so $Path is changed each time the Kernel starts. Under $BaseDirectory or $UserBaseDirectory, there is a Kernel directory with a file init.m in it. Edit one of the init.m's to include a command to set the $Path variable. A common change is adding a directory to look in. The post-change init.m file would look like ====== (** User Mathematica initialization file **) AppendTo[$Path,"/temp/"]; ====== or maybe ====== (** User Mathematica initialization file **) AppendTo[$Path,"C:\\Phys314\\"]; ====== on Windows. Note the doubling of the backslashes. (Tables "Some special 8-bit characters." and "Entering character strings." in If you are adding a lot of directories, Join might be easier. $Path = Join[ $Path, {"dir1","dir2",..,"dir137"}];