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Original Message (ID '138255') By Bill Simpson:
In Response To 'Re: Lagrange polynomial' --------- Somehow in the scrape-n-paste a "{" was lost. Trying one more time, and put parts of this on separate lines to perhaps make it easier to understand: In[1]:= p[points_]:=Sum[ Product[If[i==j,1,x-points[[i,1]]],{i,1,Length[points]}] / Product[If[i==j,1,points[[i,1]]-points[[j,1]]],{i,1,Length[points]}] * points[[j,2] ], {j,1,Length[points]}]; poly=p[{{1,1},{2,4},{3,2}}] Out[2]= ((-3+x)*(-2+x))/2 - 4*(-3+x)*(-1+x) + (-2+x)*(-1+x)