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Original Message (ID '149456') By Brandon:
In Response To 'Re: Finding all roots of a polynomial over a ra...' --------- Wow I just realized how little I know about mathematica haha. I am new to it and this is definitely a bit overwhelming. When I try to tweak the range of what you sent me I keep getting error messages. I guess I'll just ask questions one a time: "ns = NSolve[(uuu /. n -> 100) == 0, w, WorkingPrecision -> 25]" What does the "/.n --> 100" mean in this statement? "uuu /. n -> 100 /. ns // Chop" Same thing right here. And what does the row of zeros below it mean? -------------------------------------------- Next, when I attempt to modify the range of n I get an error: "ListLinePlot::lpn: "Transpose[{Abs[w],Abs[w],Abs[w],Abs[w],Abs[w],Abs[w],Abs[w]}] is not a list of numbers or pairs of numbers." How can I modify this graph to display a great range of n values?