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Original Message (ID '152834') By Cathal:
In Response To 'Re: Mathematica 9' --------- Hi Peter, Wow! Thank you so much for that. The code running time is now the same order of magnitude as in 7.0. As for near 0.97*Pi. I don't expect it to reach past this using increments of 0.01 Pi. Typically I need to start again at 0.97*Pi but change my increments to 0.001*Pi. The real cpu intensive part of the code are the numerical integrations since for a given ns there are approximately (ns)^2 numerical integrations to perform. This was for ns=2, but the actual work I'm doing involved ns=30,40,50 and eventually 100. Although this still isn't as quick as 7.0 (for whatever reason!) v9.0 allows me to parallelize the heavy cpu parts: constructing the matrices entries all of which can be done independently.