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Original Message (ID '155537') By Hugo:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Re: Bessel integral - Strange Hypergeom...' --------- Yes indeed "//fullform" makes clear now that the derivative is involved. The 0F1 function has 2 arguments in the general case "b" and "z". In my case b=1 and z=-(k0*r/2)^2 therefore the first argument is a numerical value: "1". If I give e.g. this input: f[x_, y_]:= x^2*y^2 (or whatever) and then of course D[f[1, y], x]=0 I recall furthermore that 0F1[1;-(k0*r/2)^2]=J0(k0*r) As it can be easily checked using "FullSimplify" Still problematic ! Maybe Mathematica 9 could help ;) PS: "Regularized" means that one has to divide by the gamma function \Gamma[b]=\Gamma[1]=1