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Original Message (ID '167838') By Forum Moderator:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Re: Mathematica 9 - SNA' --------- > Actually I found it might be a compatibility issue since after upgrading from 8 to 9, the cache folder of 8 still exists there. 9.0 ignores the 8.0 Caches folder. If you are not going to use 8.0 any more, you may delete the 8.0 Caches folder. > BTW, after reseting FrontEnd, I found the prompt asking for notebook compatibility check disappeared. How can I revert the style of the notebooks generated by 8 to their original? The new appearance looks quite peculiar to me:( The long-term way is to get a copy of the Default.nb style sheet from 8.0 and use it as the default. (SystemFiles/FrontEnd/StyleSheets/Default.nb in the Mathematica directory tree.) The 8.0 Default.nb can be placed somewhere on the computer and it can be set as the default from the Option Inspector. See attached screen shot.) If you cannot obtain a copy of the 8.0 Default.nb, write to request a copy. Include your License number or Activation Key and the operating system of the computer.