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Original Message (ID '178790') By Bill Simpson:
In Response To 'Re: Re: transfer the control after choices' --------- I suspect for some or even many of your questions there may be no acceptable answer. Whether you are using APL or Algol, F# or FORTRAN, each language tends to support a particular programming style and set of features. Trying to get one to behave like another is often not a satisfying process. I've tried that myself a few times, always without success. I doubt this will be satisfactory, but for your button and goto question someone on another forum described a method allowing a button in one notebook to evaluate (run) a completely separate notebook. Button["run file 1", NotebookEvaluate["/../file1.nb"], Method->"Queued"] If that isn't unacceptable then perhaps you could adapt this to your need for implementing arbitrary flow of control in your code.