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Original Message (ID '179230') By Bill Simpson:
If I understand correctly then I believe you might want to add the values of your function at each multiple of 2Pi. In[1]:= distriFunc[x_]:=E^(-((-Pi+x)^2/(18 π^2)))/(3 Sqrt[2] Pi^(3/2)) In[2]:= x=Pi-.0001; Total[Table[distriFunc[x+theta],{theta,-8Pi,8Pi,2Pi}]] Out[3]= 0.158798 In[4]:= x=-Pi+.0001; Total[Table[distriFunc[x+theta],{theta,-8Pi,8Pi,2Pi}]] Out[5]= 0.157752 This makes it appear that there is a discontinuity in your distribution. Perhaps that is real. Now try a Plot. In[6]:= Plot[Sum[distriFunc[x+theta],{theta,-8Pi,8Pi,2Pi}],{x,-Pi,Pi},PlotRange->All] Out[6]= ...plot snipped... If I misunderstood then see if explaining it another way might help find a solution.