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Original Message (ID '188886') By Bill Simpson:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Non-uniform axis ticks using Show' --------- If you say your two ranges have nothing to do with each other then that is perhaps the cause of all your problems. I believe that Show attempts to overlay multiple plots onto a single set of axes, range, domain, ticks, etc. Look at Show[Plot[2x,{x,0,2}],Plot[3x,{x,0,1}]] and see how it is forcing these onto a single set of axes, domain and range. ListPlot behaves similarly and can construct small examples to see how this behaves. If you just want to render two images on the screen and you don't want the ranges to have any effect on the result then you may need to go look for something other than Show. If you attach your actual data instead of a couple of pictures and you explain precisely how you want that data to be presented then perhaps someone can help you. Perhaps small example lists that demonstrate the essential character that your actual data has, but perhaps have fewer points, along with a detailed explanation of exactly how you want the result displayed might be enough. You probably want to think about your explanation until you are fairly sure that someone who knows only what you have written, but doesn't know any of the things inside your head, will be almost certain to give you the right answer on the first try.