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Original Message (ID '191138') By yehuda:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Polynomial factorization by roots?' --------- If Solve can find the roots of the polynomial you can use it without guessing that you need Extension->I for your specific example p = x^4 + 2 x^2 + 1; Times @@ Subtract @@@ Flatten@Solve[p == 0, x] returns what you need now slower Solve[p == 0, x] returns {{x -> -I}, {x -> -I}, {x -> I}, {x -> I}} To omit the internal lists you use Flatten Flatten[Solve[p == 0, x]] (or Flatten@Solve[p==0,x]) Then you replace the x->I etc to x-I etc using Apply at level 1 with the shortcut of @@@ Subtract @@@ Flatten@Solve[p == 0, x] returns {I + x, I + x, -I + x, -I + x} Now replace the outermost head which is a list with Times for multiplication This is again Apply but at level 0 (replacing the outermost head) using the shortcut @@ Without the shorthand notation this would be Apply[Times, Apply[Subtract, Flatten[Solve[p == 0, x]], 1]] HTH yehuda