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Original Message (ID '199997') By xenos1984:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Re: FullSimplify: Mathematica 9 vs. Mat...' --------- It took me a while of experimenting to create some test case, until I came up with this example command (also in the attached notebook): Table[Timing[FullSimplify[FunctionExpand[Sum[SphericalBesselJ[n + i, x] x^i, {i, -m, m}]]]][[1]], {m, 0, 5}] You can also increase the table size if you wish to run some more iterations. If I use a freshly started session, M8 needs ~ 6 seconds for the final table entry, while M9 needs ~ 20 seconds for the same entry on my laptop (Intel Corei7, 4GB 1067MHz DDR, Ubuntu 12.04). The effect is not as large as with my original example, but it should be a lot easier to reproduce. Unfortunately all my "real life" cases are rather complicated to reproduce and of similar type as the original attachment...