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Original Message (ID '211469') By yehuda:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Numerical analysis gives wrong result' --------- I was referring only to the computational side. you cannot expect that with a==0 where a is an approximate number and 0 is an accurate number you will get roundoff errors and other inaccuracies. For the present case it is better (and not to computationally intensive) to use exact numbers, i.s., using rationals 0.1 is replace by 1/10 etc. do not use the decimal point another issue is not to use Simplify / FullSimplify in the body of the search, since these are time consuming functions and you are looking for the numerical result I modified your program accordingly, and notice that the printout is much larger I didn't modify anything else (although I never use For loops), I have no time for this Moreover, I prefer not to get into the theory (not my field, nor having time), so I do not consider if the algorithmic search is correct, I only referred to the "Mathematica aspect" of your program Look at the attached notebook HTH y