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Original Message (ID '218828') By Michael:
A couple of issues: k4x = N[1/100*k4[[1]]] // Dynamic; 1. This sets k4x equal to Dynamic[ N[ 1/100 * k4[[1]] ] ], which doesn't seem to be what you want. 2. The semicolon prevents the expression from appearing in the front end (in the notebook); in such a case, the Dynamic[expr] is inactive. It (or its cell) has to be visible in the notebook for it to be active. One way to fix it is this: InputField[Dynamic[k4]] // Print; (k4x = N[1/100*k4[[1]]]) // Dynamic The way I would do it is this: InputField[Dynamic[k4, (k4 = #; k4x = N[ 1/100 * k4[[1]] ]) &]] (But I may not have the same thing in mind as you.)