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Original Message (ID '236036') By Michael:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Re: Checking dynamically updated variable' --------- Try it this way: Clear[x]; InputField[Dynamic[x]] // Print; f = Compile[{{x}}, x^2]; If[NumberQ[x], f[x]] // Dynamic The problem is with If[NumberQ[x], f[x] // Print ] // Dynamic I'm afraid I don't know the explanation. The cell that Print creates appears in the console (on my system). Where Print appears is supposed to be controllable in the preferences, but no matter which notebook I set as the output for Print, it appears in the console "Messages". (Somehow I've never cared much for Print. Seems like a relic of V1. Suitable for command-line interfaces. I hardly ever use it, especially nowadays with all the options for monitoring a program. Hence my ignorance.)