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Original Message (ID '251983') By JD:
Here is a snippet of the code I mentioned: oldname = {"20120503","20120529","20120606"}; filelist = {"test1","test2","test3"}; toConvert = {}; Do[AppendTo[toConvert,StringJoin[oldname[[x]],"#",filelist[[x]]]],{x,1,Length[oldname]}]; Export["~/Documents/work/toConvert.txt",toConvert]; Needs["JLink`"]; InstallJava[]; AddToClassPath[NotebookDirectory[]]; LoadClass["FileData"]; ShowJavaConsole[] FileData`main[{}] I also failed to mention I'm running this Mathematica Platform: Mac OS X x86 (32-bit, 64-bit Kernel) if that makes any difference