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Original Message (ID '260389') By Markus:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Re: Solve equation(s) with a List as Va...' --------- Hey, here some values for mag: -9.4739126984127E-8 -9.40439682539683E-8 -9.38128571428571E-8 ... -1.43089444444444E-9 -3.58311111111111E-12 1.633333333333E-14 and here my code: SetDirectory["C:\"]; mag = Import["5Oe.dat", {"Data", {All}, {4}}]; w = 0.005; d := 148*10^(-9); mu0 := 4*Pi*10^(-7); B := 5/10000; Map[FindRoot[(w*d*B + mu0*#)/(2*w*B) - x*Tanh[d/(2*x)], {x, 1*10^(-8)}] &, mag] x should increase asymptotically as mag approaches zero, and i think this is the case here, although the values are still very small. But when u plot it you can see that this is really the case. Anyway i was wondering what this error means and if its important, i mean the values are all calculated...?! But i guess it just an error in the given values for mag, since the error comes with positive values (sorry i didnt mentioned that before). The Map - way works very nice, thanks for that :)