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Original Message (ID '276550') By Steve:
One problem is using DMS format as an input to the trig functions. Convert these to decimal first (and might as well convert to radians while you're at it): In[29]:= a = FromDMS[{33., 13.6, 0}] Degree b = FromDMS[{23., 55.4, 0}] Degree c = FromDMS[{109., 10.9, 0}] Degree Out[29]= 0.579915 Out[30]= 0.417541 Out[31]= 1.90558 The next problem is using Cos[z] as your variable. Cos is a built-in function. Change the name: In[32]:= fCos = (Sin[-a ] - Sin[-b ]*Cos[c ])/(Cos[-b ]*Sin[c ]) Out[32]= -0.789017