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Original Message (ID '348560') By yehuda:
OK, Manipulate does what is supposed to do exactly. Consider it as a "dynamic loop" which is activated when its plot is on the displayed area on the screen. Each Manipulate plots the function T[a,e] BUT between one Manipulate to another you CHANGE the definition on T[a,e]. Since Manipulate is only a fancy DynamicModule when you scroll back to a previous Manipulate you just discover that it uses the NEW definition of T[a,e]. Notice, the same holds to the functions that T[a,e] depends on. Obviously clearing the parameters will not change that behavior That is all. The remedy is 1. Use different function names to each new definition of T[a,e]. 2. Enclose the definitions of the T[a,e] (and the functions it depends on ) within a Module or Block as local definitions. yehuda