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Original Message (ID '38973') By Bill Simpson:
Everything you did was exactly correct. You just needed one additional tiny thing. What happens with a[0]? How do you get it to stop when a[0] wants to be defined in terms of a[-1] and a[-1] in terms of a[-2] and...? You include a special case to stop it. In[1]:= a[0]=0; a[n_]:=7*n-a[n-1]-8; Table[a[n],{n,0,50}] Out[3]= {0,-1,7,6,14,13,21,20,28,27,35,34,42,41,49,48,56,55,63,62,70,69,77,76,84,83,91,90,98,97,105,104,112,111,119,118,126,125,133,132,140,139,147,146,154,153,161,160,168,167,175}