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Original Message (ID '39254') By Rifi:
In Response To 'Re: Minimum of a two-argument function' --------- I Don't thint that's exactly what I mean. I'll try to explain it other way. Lets take a plot like this: RegionPlot[ R > 0 && r > 0 && r < R && 700000 R + 159 Pi (r^4 - R^4) <= 0, {r, 1, 100}, {R, 0, 100}] Marked area is a domain. Now let's take an equasion: Pi*R^2-Pi*r^2= (R=y-axis ; r=x-axis) I want Mathematica to find minimum outcome of the equasion above in ploted domain. To simplify it a bit we can take just poits lying on the contour of this ploted region.