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Original Message (ID '39328') By Mark:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Re: Re: DictionaryLookup for a pair of ...' --------- Thank you, Bill The code is now: bword=Map[{Rest[Characters[#]],#}&,DictionaryLookup[RegularExpression["^b......$"]]]; mword=Map[{Rest[Characters[#]],#}&,DictionaryLookup[RegularExpression["^m......$"]]]; matches=Intersection[Map[First,bword],Map[First,mword]]; Map[{Cases[bword,{#,_}],Cases[mword,{#,_}]}&,matches] The results are correct except that BUCK UP and MUCK UP is returned because space counts as a character. It would be better to remove all punctuation before searching (and get BUCKS UP and MUCKS UP) but that is probably rather difficult unless we do so in the dictionary itself. I have used a better dictionary than the inbuilt one and I get 128 cases (the inbuilt one only gave 74 cases).