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Original Message (ID '448627') By Bill Simpson:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Help with creating matr...' --------- {Position[a, 1], Position[a, 12]}=={{{1, 1}}, {{1, 9}, {2, 6}}} so I fill c[[1,12]] with [[1,9]] as you do in your spreadsheet. {Position[a, 1], Position[a, 13]}=={{{1, 1}}, {{2, 10}, {3, 1}}} so I fill c[[1,13]] with [[1,10]] but your spreadsheet has 0. {Position[a, 2], Position[a, 1]}=={{{1, 2}}, {{1, 1}}} so I fill c[[2,1]] with [[2,1]] but your spreadsheet has blank. {Position[a, 2], Position[a, 2]}=={{{1, 2}}, {{1, 2}}} so I fill c[[2,2]] with [[2,2]] as you do in your spreadsheet. But now my c matrix has no zero entries anywhere unlike your spreadsheet. Please explain what my error is with 1,13 and with 2,1 and why these are different from the entries next to them. Perhaps with that I can understand what to change to restore the zero entries. Thank you for your patience with my slow progress.