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Original Message (ID '461189') By Bill Simpson:
Unfortunately we can't tell from your post what all the file names you want to use will be or what order they will be in. Can you use any of these methods? In[1]:= Do[Import[ "C:\\Users\\...\\Pictures\\...\\meteosat2012-10-04_" <> ToString[i] <> "-00.gif"], {i, 19, 21}] In[2]:= Map[ Import["C:\\Users\\...\\Pictures\\...\\meteosat2012-10-04_" <> ToString[#] <> "-00.gif"] &, {19, 20, 21}] In[3]:= Map[ Import["C:\\Users\\...\\Pictures\\...\\meteosat2012-10-04_" <> # <> "-00.gif"] &, {"19", "20", "21"}] If none of those will do what you need then describe how the program can know or get the file names in the correct order and something can be done to edit those into the Import for you.