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Original Message (ID '461688') By Bill Simpson:
You say D[n[x, t], {x,1}]==k/a*n[x,t] thus I believe D[n[x, t], {x,2}]==(k/a)^2*n[x,t] thus I believe your problem becomes In[1]:= eqns = {D[n[x, t], {t,1}] - 1/Np - a*(k/a)^2*n[x, t]==0}; DSolve[eqns, n[x, t], {x, t}] Out[2]= {{n[x, t] -> -(a/(k^2*Np)) + E^((k^2*t)/a)*C[1][x]}} Please check this very carefully to make certain I have not made any mistakes. Then you can try to get Mathematica to do it without manual intervention or insight.