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Original Message (ID '46231') By Bill Simpson:
Ah, I did think of a trick that would almost certainly not be in the help pages for PlotMarker. Instead of thinking of 3 lists of n points, what if somehow you could turn your data into n lists of 3 points? And you use a PlotMarker of 1 for the first of those lists, 2 for the second of those lists, etc? You have three lists of four points. In[1]:= list1={{a1,a2},{a3,a4},{a5,a6},{a7,a8}}; list2={{b1,b2},{b3,b4},{b5,b6},{b7,b8}}; list3={{c1,c2},{c3,c4},{c5,c6},{c7,c8}}; Transpose[{list1,list2,list3}] And now you have four lists of three points. Out[1]= {{{a1,a2},{b1,b2},{c1,c2}}, {{a3,a4},{b3,b4},{c3,c4}}, {{a5,a6},{b5,b6},{c5,c6}}, {{a7,a8},{b7,b8},{c7,c8}}} Use Plot on that with 1,2,3,4 for PlotMarkers and the first point of each of your old lists should get a . Much simpler than before. There are almost always a dozen different ways of doing anything in Mathematica and sometimes one of those is much simpler, if you can just think of it.