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Original Message (ID '462622') By Peter Pein:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Re: Re: Variance freezes for certain sa...' --------- This is very strange and I can not reproduce this failure. A possibility which comes to mind is: do you use a Linux version with self-compiled or other math-related libraries? Mathematica brings its own libraries with it but maybe something went terribly wrong during/after installation. If so, did you do a 'make check' after compilation of your self made libs? If that is not the case it might be worth the effort to uninstall Mathematica and to do a complete reinstallation. Peter P.S.: this is what I get in version 8: In[1]:= SeedRandom[0]; (* to get a reproducable result *) data=RandomVariate[NormalDistribution[],10]; Variance[data] Out[2]= 0.390715 In[3]:= SeedRandom[0]; data=RandomVariate[NormalDistribution[],9]; Variance[data] Out[5]= 0.316325 In[6]:= $Version Out[6]= 8.0 for Microsoft Windows (64-bit) (October 7, 2011)