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Original Message (ID '470277') By Patrick:
In Response To 'Re: Monte Carlo Optimization' --------- Hi Bill, Thank you for the response and the edits. Everything appears to work okay. However I am confused by the use of Cases to gather data from the tbl list? If I call the same elements of both it appears that the list are duplicates. But if I just call tbl, the two list bestParamSets and thrownsets are different. Secondly, the lists should consist of {decayscore[[i]], v[[i]], ka[[i]], kb[[i]], i}. Is it possible to extend the capabilities of Cases to gather this information in one list? When I attempted to try this I failed. I attempted to implement Sow and Reap as an alternate approach, however I could only return one list of the 5 elements. BPS = Reap[Sow[{decayscore[[i]], v[[i]], ka[[i]], kb[[i]], i}]][[1]]; BPS {3387.54,1,48.1491,10.4317,999} Thanks again, Patrick Sorry there's a lot here.