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Original Message (ID '470404') By Bill Simpson:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Finding deg or Radian v...' --------- Ah, much more helpful description. Thank you. Try this and see if it is closer to what you want. Off[Reduce::ratnz];(*Hide the 'inexact' warning*) Manipulate[ vertical = Line[{{x, y}, {x, 0}}] /. {ToRules[Reduce[Sin[x*2 Pi/360] == y && 0 <= x <= 360, x]]}; Plot[{Sin[t*2 Pi/360], y}, {t, 0, 360}, Epilog -> vertical], {{y, 0.5}, -1, 1} ] The Reduce[] finds all your x locations. The Plot[] shows your Sin[] and a horizontal line. The Epilog does your vertical lines.