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Original Message (ID '500000') By Milan:
In Response To 'Re: Help with Wolfram Finance Platform.' --------- Hi Bill, First of all, thanks a lot for your answer. As far as the data from the Financial platform are concerned, each Mathematica 9 user has full access to this data. The code I used is directly copied from the notebook provided by Wolfram Finance and in their notebook everything works perfectly, however, if I try to replicate everything I only have problems with the following code: ListLinePlot[GOOGPrice (1 + GOOGExpRet ConstantArray[1, {50, 251}] + BrownianMotionPaths[1, 250, 50] GOOGVol), AxesLabel -> {"Time", "\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(S\), \(t\)]\)"}, PlotLabel -> Style["Simulated Google Prices", Bold], BaseStyle -> style] Even if I directly copy and paste everything from the notebook provided by Wolfram it doesnít work in my own notebook. I will post you the notebook provided by Wolfram and my own and I will be really thankful if you could take a look at both of them and help me to find the error. My files name is MIlanOV.nb, where I use exactly the same code as provided in the Mathematica notebook, I even used proxy input which also didnít work. I also send you the original Wolfram notebook so that you can compare everything. The Notebooks name is: WolframFinancePlatformQuickStart.nb, this can be downloaded here: and my problem begins on page 9 of the presentation I really hope you can help me. The thing is, I just want to simulate multiple stock paths driven by the Brownian motion I have generated. Thanks and I hope to hear very soon from you