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Original Message (ID '66945') By Bill Simpson:
In[1]:= eq3:=iL[t]==C*vC'[t]; eq4:=VDC==L*iL'[t]+vC[t]; bound1:=iL[0]==Ib; bound2:=L*iL'[0]==vL0; Simplify[DSolve[{eq3,eq4,bound1,bound2},{iL[t],vC[t]},t]] Out[5]= {{ vC[t] -> VDC - vL0*Cos[t/(Sqrt[C]*Sqrt[L])] + (Ib*Sqrt[L]*Sin[t/(Sqrt[C]*Sqrt[L])])/Sqrt[C], iL[t] -> Ib*Cos[t/(Sqrt[C]*Sqrt[L])] + (Sqrt[C]*vL0*Sin[t/(Sqrt[C]*Sqrt[L])])/Sqrt[L] }} Please check this carefully