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Original Message (ID '67569') By spice:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Re: DSolve with a set of equations' --------- Thank you for your kind answer. I do it now the following way: eq1 := vL[t] == L * iL'[t] eq2 := iC[t] == C * vC'[t] eq3 := iL[t] == iC[t] + I0 eq4 := VDC == vL[t] + vC[t] bound1 := iL[0] == Ib bound2 := vL[0] == vL0 FullSimplify[ DSolve[{eq1, eq2, eq3, eq4, bound1, bound2}, {iL[t], vC[t], iC[t], vL[t]}, t]] Then I get all solutions. I though it would be possible, just to get iL[t] directly. But for me thats fine. Thank you again, you helped me a lot! All the best spice