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Original Message (ID '68138') By Bill Simpson:
In Response To 'Re: Bcons during Maximization' --------- In[1]Table[ a=RandomReal[{0,1}]; b=RandomReal[{0,1}]; n=RandomReal[{0,1}]; {a*c1,b*c2}/.Last[NMaximize[{n-(1-n)-q (n a c1^2-(1-n) b c2^2+(n (1-a)-(1-n) (1-b))/2)*(n a c1^2+(1-n)b c2^2+(n (1-a)+(1-n) (1-b))/2),0≤c1 Sqrt[1-c2^2]-c2 Sqrt[1-c1^2]≤1&&0≤c1≤1&&0≤c2≤1&&0≤q≤1},{c1,c2,q}]],{5}] Out[1]= {{0.73059, 0.0611}, {6.8134*^-8, 0.`}, {0.0001, 0.}, {0.0557, 0.02453}, {0.3048, 0.5953}} Note this gives no hint of the sensitivity, or lack, of your variables on the maxima