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Original Message (ID '69911') By sk597653:
In Response To 'Re: Plotting non-linear values and solving' --------- I think the equation you cleaned up looks correct, thank you. This is what I got when I did it: In- y= ((1 + (K(0.000011501)) + (K(x)/(2s)))-((1 + (K(0.000011501)) + (K(x)/(2s)))^2- (2K^2(0.000011501(x)))/s))^.5/((2K(0.000011501))) Out- 2 K x 0.000023002 K x K x 2 0.5 43474.5 (1 + 0.000011501 K + --- + ---------------- - (1 + 0.000011501 K + ---) ) 2 s s 2 s ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ K the "data" was the list of coordinates. Support@wolfram emailed me that I should be able to FindFit the data, by using the syntax FindFit[data, y, {K, s}, x] I cannot for the life of me get this to calculate K and s. Do you have any ideas? The value of K should be ~ 2 x 10^6 while s~ .94. Thank you or your help, I am still going over the first reply and working through!