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Original Message (ID '74164') By Martin Wijaya:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Re: Mathematica graphics' --------- Hello I also have a problem with the chart presentation. It is related to positioning the chart. I'm using Manipulate function for several chart. The problem is that, all of the chart appears lining in a row. I want it to be 2 by 2 at each row and column. How can I positioned my chart? the code that I used (I attached my mathematica notebook): w[\[Psi]_, af_, nf_, mf_, w0_] = (w0)/(Log[E + (\[Psi]/af)^nf])^mf; e[wn_, ash_, bsh_, csh_] = ash*(((wn/100)^csh)/(bsh^csh) + 1)^(1/csh); n[wn_, ash_, bsh_, csh_] = e[wn, ash, bsh, csh]/(1 + e[wn, ash, bsh, csh]); S[\[Psi]_, af_, nf_, mf_, w0_, gs_, ash_, bsh_, csh_] = w[\[Psi], af, nf, mf, w0]* gs/e[w[\[Psi], af, nf, mf, w0], ash, bsh, csh]; dw[\[Psi]_, af_, nf_, mf_, w0_] = D[w[\[Psi], af, nf, mf, w0], \[Psi]]; ultimateplot = Manipulate[ Grid[{{LogLinearPlot[ w[\[Psi], af, nf, mf, w0], {\[Psi], 0.01, 1000000}, AxesLabel -> {"\[Psi]", "w"}, ImageSize -> 300], Plot[e[wn, ash, bsh, csh], {wn, 0, 100}, AxesLabel -> {"w", "e"}, ImageSize -> 300], Plot[n[wn, ash, bsh, csh], {wn, 0, 100}, AxesLabel -> {"w", "n"}, ImageSize -> 300], LogLinearPlot[ S[\[Psi], af, nf, mf, w0, gs, ash, bsh, csh], {\[Psi], 0.01, 1000000}, AxesLabel -> {"\[Psi]", "S"}, ImageSize -> 300]}}], {af, 0.1, 1000000}, {nf, 0.1, 100}, {mf, 0.1, 100}, {w0, 1, 1000}, {ash, 0.1, 1}, {bsh, 0.1, 1}, {csh, 0.1, 10}, {gs, 2, 3}, ControlPlacement -> Left] Thx in advance Regards Martin