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Original Message (ID '77923') By Javier:
In Response To 'Re: Problems making and saving lists' --------- Thank you very much for your answer. To save the data your solution its ok. But apart from the files TESTT1.dat,TESTT2.dat... I need to get also the tables TEST1, TEST2... which has to be in the form {{y1,test[x1,y1]},{y2,test[x1,y2]},...} (check the code I posted), since I need to later interpolate them to a function using again a loop like For[i=1,i=xmax,i++;FTEST_i=Interpolation[TEST_i]. (I use _i to denote TEST1, TEST2... like I did in the original post, but thank to you now I know it is wrong XD) Ckecking the manual for ToString I realized that mathematica works with expresions, and the name of the files are strings (I know is obvious for a programmer but I didnt knew the difference till now), so the problem is that I dont know how to say to mathematica that in the tables TESTx, the piece x is a variable. Thank you very much again.