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Original Message (ID '78218') By Bill Simpson:
In Response To 'Re: Re: Problems making and saving lists' --------- I'm still guessing a bit how to interpret your description. Is this closer? In[1]:= test[x_,y_]:=x+y; For[x=1,x<9,x++, Put[Table[test[x/10.,y],{y,0,3}],"TESTT"<>ToString[x]<>".dat"]; ToExpression["TEST"<>ToString[x]<>"="<>ToString[Table[{ y,test[x/10.,y]},{y,0,3}]]] ] In[3]:= TEST1 Out[3]= {{0,0.1},{1,1.1},{2,2.1},{3,3.1}} In[4]:= TEST6 Out[4]= {{0,0.6},{1,1.6},{2,2.6},{3,3.6}}