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Original Message (ID '78789') By Bill Simpson:
Your function is not clear to me. Is this like what you are trying to plot? Plot3D[100 - 0.00222222 uvlak^2 + 0.00636667 vvlak^2 + 0.000027037 vvlak^3 - 5.46296*10^-7 vvlak^4 , {uvlak, 0, 150}, {vvlak, -100, 0}, RegionFunction ->Function[{uvlak, vvlak, zed}, vvlak < 2/3uvlak - 100]] To do that I chose a line vvlak=a*uvlak+b and calculate a and b to position the line. Please check this carefully. If you can explain the line or explain what I mistakes I have made and how to understand your function then perhaps someone can see how to find the function for you.