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02/24/06 07:14am

I have an integral for which I know a solution should exist. However, the solution I get is visually deceptive. Specifically, mathematica soln has "i" (imaginary) numbers outside most Sqrt operations. However, the solution is REAL, as if you took the "i" inside the sqt, simply the signs of th efactors inside would change. Concrete eg:

blah blah blah... i*Sqrt[a - b + c - d^2]
can easily be written as Sqrt[-a + b - c +d^2]
without the "i" !!!!

Any way to force mathematica do this?

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Imaginary numbers in solutions Rahul 02/24/06 07:14am
Re: Imaginary numbers in solutions yehuda ben-s... 02/26/06 12:23pm
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