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Denise Mak
02/27/06 12:32pm


I'm using NSolve to return the roots of a large polynomial. I've attached my notebook. I'm using a C program to run mathematica so the equation is generated in C. I filter through the packets to get all the real roots and I get 5 (0.109553, 0.420735, 0.469545, 0.749589, 0.835452). The problem is that since NSolve is a numerical approximation, the real roots aren't really accurate. Notably, 0.749589 which returns 0.000253739 when I plug in that value for x. Is there another function I can use or maybe I'm going about this the wrong way.

Thank you kindly,

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Finding roots of large polynomial equation Denise Mak 02/27/06 12:32pm
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