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Bill Simpson
11/02/12 1:58pm

The reason your Solve is returning {} is

In[1]:= Simplify[lengte (1-1/2 u2) u2+offsetgevelxy (-2+u2) u2 (-1+(offsetgevelxy (-2+ u2)+(40-20 u2) v3)/(offsetgevelxy (-2+u2)))]

Out[1]= -1/2(-2+u2)u2(lengte+40 v3)

In[2]:= Simplify[u2 (lengte (1-1/2 u2)+(40-20 u2) v3)]

Out[2]= -1/2(-2+u2)u2(lengte+40 v3)

So you are saying Solve[c*v3==c*v3, v3].

Now, if I understand your actual problem, I believe this may help you


but I cannot be certain when your problem is too complicated to show.

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Finding intersecting line Paul 11/02/12 05:44am
Re: Finding intersecting line Bill Simpson 11/02/12 1:58pm
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